At L10N, we know that communicating efficiently in any language helps our customers to be successful.

Each and every day, our customers communicate with the whole world thanks to certified translations, which are faithful to the original message and adapted to the language and culture of their customers.

We are a benchmark translation agency, thanks to 20 years of experience and the soundness of the processes of standard ISO 17100.

Trust in the know-how of a team that translates your content in an agile, efficient manner in accordance with best practices.

Communicate with your customers around the entire world with accuracy and meaning in all languages.




Specialized Translation Process | L10N 


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Fields of expertise

A team of specialized professional translators, working for the success of professionals wanting to succeed in Portuguese-speaking markets.

Words per year




Professional translators


Years of experience


Our customers speak for us!

Translation solutions

An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.


We offer certified translation services

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