10 reasons for industrial sector companies to invest in multilingual communication



Companies seek to grow by expanding to new markets in today's ever more globalized world. At the same time, the volume of content produced each day is extremely high, whether in the form of manuals, emails, contracts, catalogues, newsletters or articles for blogs and social networks.

In the area of industry, there are many reasons for companies to invest in communicating in their customers' native language.

If this is your area, keep reading to learn about the 10 reasons why your company should invest in solutions for multilingual communication.


  1. Safe use of your products

    Have you ever imagined buying an electronic device or toy made in Germany with a user manual only available in German? This would be a nightmare for most consumers. These days, the safe, proper use of goods, equipment and other items is essential. For example, offering instruction books and maintenance manuals in users' native language is highly regulated in European markets. Don't take any risks here: the translation should be done by certified, specialized, native-speaking translators. The smallest mistranslation could jeopardize your customers' safety and result in thousands of euros in damages for your company.

  2. Bolster your international expansion strategy

    If international expansion is a strategic cornerstone for your company's growth, you should invest in multilingual communication. Ask yourself the following question: "Am I communicating in our customers' language?" If the answer is "No", then using a multilingual strategy is certainly the right path to international success. These days, consumers prefer to read authentic content capable of creating proximity with your brand. Videos, articles, e-books, catalogues and social network posts in your customers' language are powerful tools at your disposal for attracting loyal customers.

  3. Communicate with foreign suppliers

    In industry and manufacturing, many of the parts used to manufacture equipment originate from numerous suppliers spread across the globe. Using professional translation services, you can ensure that every supplier and manufacturer involved in production can communicate about the quantity and quality of materials, minimizing any risks involving billing, and creating solid business relationships.

  4. Communicate with your internal teams

    In an increasingly more diverse and fragmented professional world, the glue which bonds every aspect of an organization is effective, timely, clear and relevant internal communication. If your company has multicultural teams, a multilingual strategy is also essential in consolidating your company's culture, vision and mission.

  5. Leverage your international presence

    Did you know that, according to the European Commission, 92% of consumers prefer to visit a website in their native language, even if they speak a second language?
    Translating your website into several languages makes your company visible to more potential customers and new markets, makes you stand out from the competition, and creates greater proximity between your brand and consumers. Trust a translation company with specialized native-speaking translators capable of choosing the words with the most impact for your target audience, and the most relevant local keywords in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  6. Train and qualify your employees

    Multilingual communication allows all of your employees to benefit from consistent training, regardless of their native language. Imagine that your team has members of four different nationalities, with English as the shared working language. Providing training materials in each member's language will consolidate concepts quickly and effectively. Another equally important aspect in this regard is minimizing the risk of occupational accidents and complying with safety standards.

  7. Translate multilingual documentation

    In the sales, financial, legal and HR departments, for example, documents such as invoices, CVs, job descriptions, business agreements and contracts must be translated, either because they are received in another language and must be provided to your local teams, or because they are created in your language and must be sent to customers, partners or teams in other countries.

  8. Offer your technology and platforms globally

    5G, the IoT and Industry 4.0 have revolutionized how technology is accessible to consumers, while also bringing a wealth of opportunities for the industry itself. The use of data, connectivity and interaction between humans and machines are here to stay. In the case of translating your platform content, data analysis or UI, you should choose a translation company with a technology solution capable of keeping pace with your own evolution (in terms of integration, terminology management, quality assurance and streamlining the translation process).

  9. Improve your customer satisfaction

    For example, in the areas of food, automotive, machinery and consumer goods, having a call centre is essential in ensuring a proper degree of customer service and satisfaction. If you have customers in different regions, you should communicate with them in their own language, answering any questions that may arise promptly. If having call centre operators for every strategic language is impossible, it is essential to have translation and interpretation services for emails, to guarantee effective communication and proximity with all of your international customers.

  10. After-sale and post-consumption

    Always provide technical information on your goods or products at all times, together with up-to-date content on repair and maintenance procedures, in the official language of every country where you do business. In this way, you can avoid breakdowns and improve the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.


These are just some of the reasons why companies in the industrial sector should invest in multilingual communication. Give your content to communication and translation professionals specializing in your sector.

At L10N, we guarantee that your documentation complies with national requirements and industrial standards, and make your content stand out in every language and in every region.

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