6 reasons why your business needs specialized financial translation



In an increasingly more globalized world, documents in different languages are becoming more frequent in a wide range of business areas.

Planning a company’s international expansion involves several factors, with the financial factor being among the most important, since a company must be able to adapt to the markets it plans to enter.

As a result, financial translation is considered an essential service at any company. This imperative stems from the fact that all companies need to translate and adapt a wide variety of documents (annual reports and accounts, financial contracts and agreements, market studies and others), while always upholding the message of the original content.

However, this is not the only factor. We will now give you six reasons why your business needs specialized financial translation:

  1. Accuracy in Translation

    The catchword of financial translation is “accuracy”. Attention to every detail is essential for the success of the company and the translation itself.

    Translated documents are tremendously important, making all the difference at a company, and can even be a potential source of damage to it if they are not translated well. Misplacing a single comma or switching just one word can make all the difference.

    Accuracy in translation is a strict aspect that must always follow the rules, standards and conventions in each country.

  2. Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is essential in specialized and certified financial translation, since your company may be held accountable for the documents to be translated.

    Professional secrecy is a mandatory requirement for everyone involved in the translation process, from requesting a quote to delivering the final document.

    We all know that any information leak can lead to severe problems for the company.

  3. Consistency and Trust

    Consistency generates trust in your company. Greater consistency in the information conveyed brings a higher trust among the company’s employees and customers.

    When it is specialized, document translation always ensures the consistency and confidence needed for a unified and successful tone of voice in internal and external communications.

    Suppose an Italian company wants to expand its business into England. In that case, all of its documents must be translated so as to ensure that the message transmitted is the same, regardless of where it will be read.

  4. Speed and Quality

    In the financial world, everything seems to be on the go. Speed and swiftness are two words that characterize this area. All of its transformations happen at a breakneck pace.

    To respond to customers at the market’s pace, only a certified translation agency can ensure that you will get your documents as fast as possible and at the highest level of quality.

    Terminology management, glossaries and technical dictionaries combined with software and the wide range of CAT and other tools we use, together with a team of experienced project managers to choose the best resources and the best way of communicating with the customer, all guarantee the utmost quality in our translation service.

  5. Knowledge and Command of the Area

    Those who translate in finance have in-depth knowledge of the sector to understand specific concepts and choose the right words.

    Such specialization in the financial sector is the only way to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the translation.

    Understanding each word and the financial term is crucial for an error-free translation that will not compromise your company’s success.

    The constant challenge of financial terminology requires a specialized translator to constantly adapt to the correct terminology appropriate for each document to uphold the original message of the document itself, regardless of its source language.

  6. Reputation and Competitiveness

    An excellent financial translation enhances a brand’s reputation, gives it a unified voice and opens the doors to new markets in the most reliable way possible. Financial translation will help your company keep its communications secure, regardless of the culture and the country where it does business.

    Whether in Germany or in Greece, all of your employees and customers will be reading and interpreting the same message. There will be no difference between them. A good translation is invisible because only the ideas stand out.

    Financial translation services will drive the growth of your business. This is because a good translation gives the confidence needed to stay at the top regarding market competitiveness.

    Providing correct information in your customers’ language lifts you up, puts you at the forefront and makes your company more accessible.

Financial translation will give you the precision, know-how and speed needed to keep pace with the market and position yourself as well as possible.

At L10N, we guarantee all of these factors, with specialized certified translation, for your company to grow more and more each day. Our catchwords are “accurate terminology” and “rigor”.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we help various companies from the financial sector stand out and succeed.

You can rely on a team of specialized project managers and experienced native-speaking translators to help you achieve your goals.

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