The importance of translation in technical manuals


  • What are technical manuals?

Technical manuals are essential working tools for operators and technicians who trust them to install, operate and repair all types of industrial equipment and machinery.

Technical manuals can have other designations, such as instruction manuals or user manuals, and are used by millions of people in all production sectors.

The purpose of manuals is to serve as an instructional guide and provide guidelines to help operators and technicians perform their tasks efficiently and safely. In this way, the use of equipment and machinery acquired by a customer is easier and much safer.

Thus, the legal requirement is to provide manuals since they help avoid accidents and damages to users and third parties. 


  • What is the importance of translation in technical manuals?

Every company that markets products and services in more than one country needs the translation of technical manuals.

Irrespective of the country and the language spoken, each operator and technician must quickly understand how to effectively perform any operation involving installation or maintenance. For this reason, it is both mandatory and convenient for every country to have an instruction manual in its own language.

As a result, technical translation is crucial for companies wanting to become global since this area of translation is an inevitable step in the marketing and internationalization of each product.


  • What are the challenges of translating technical content?

A technical text, for the most part, is instructional in nature. Its purpose is to communicate, in the most precise and clear way possible, information to properly perform operations by technicians from a wide range of areas, from automotive to industrial machinery, electronic devices, and even pieces of furniture.

Every technical area has a high degree of complexity, which is reflected by the use of specific words that are generally difficult to understand by those outside the area.

Accurately translating this specific information is the most demanding challenge, requiring in-depth knowledge and understanding of technical concepts and choosing the right words to communicate them. The entire translated text must precisely convey the same meaning, i.e., say the same thing as the original language.

Properly maintaining any piece of equipment should be possible, regardless of whether technicians are reading the manual in English, Spanish, Italian, German or Chinese.

One of the key factors in technical translation is a constant concern for the utmost proximity to the original text to avoid any misunderstanding due to imprecise technical terms.

Translation of technical content – a strategic differentiation

The translation of technical manuals is also a strategic translation since it allows communication between the user of the product acquired and the manufacturer.

The translation quality contributes to business success by enhancing the satisfaction of customers themselves. A practical and precise document helps equipment to be used for its intended tasks, whether moving cargo, repairing a breakdown or making a hole that is two microns deep.

This is why all our translators and reviewers are deeply concerned with technical translation. One must understand and communicate the necessary steps with the utmost clarity and accuracy.

ISO 17100 requirements – a focus on safety

To avoid damaging errors and any faults which may occur, all documents translated by the L10N team follow best practices:

Translation + Revision + Final Quality Assurance by three different professionals.


Do you need technical translation?

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All of our translators are native speakers who are experienced in each area of specialization, only this way, your documents are precise, without any doubts on the part of those who read or follow them.

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