Why should you translate your digital business?



In an increasingly digital world, finding new ways of standing out in the market you compete in is essential.

What if we told you the solution lies in translating your content?

It all starts with understanding your target audience and how your product will add value to your audience’s lives. Then, you must choose the platform where you will offer it to succeed.

Your digital product could be your website, a video game you just created (or created some time ago), a mobile app you have developed or even your personal blog. The choice of the business is entirely yours.

To achieve your goals, it is essential that you speak the language of your (potential) customers. When entering a new market, you must build a relationship of trust with your customers, which means clearly expressing yourself in their native language.

But why is the translation of my content so important?


  • More access and visibility for your product/service

By translating your digital solution, you will provide more access to those who might purchase your product or service, or get more followers for your blog. By allowing your customers/visitors to choose their preferred language, you can be sure they will clearly understand your solution. This is because both of you are speaking your customer’s language.

Offering more languages will boost your visibility, i.e., you will be present in more markets. Imagine that you have just developed a mobile app. This app was initially developed in your native language, French.

Then, you did a market study and found out that, in different European countries, there exists a keen interest in the category of your mobile app. The software has already been created, and the app has been approved and launched in French... but what are you really missing to reach out to these other countries?

Speaking the language of your potential customers, i.e., offering your app in other languages.

  • More competitiveness

By offering the freedom to access your digital solution in different languages, you open the doors to new markets, which boosts your competitiveness.

You have launched a video game in Italian. Still, you know that to compete with other video game creators and reach a higher number of customers, you must offer your video game in more languages.

The first step is understanding where your target audience can be found and determining its financial potential. You don’t need to have your video game in 20 different languages, but rather in the languages with the most potential to attract customers. What is essential is ensuring the highest ROI of the localization effort and your financial success.

  • Credibility and Success

Customers always prefer what is written in their native language since they understand it better and can thus make a purchase with complete confidence.

Sometimes, a product may even be more expensive on a website with several language options compared to one in just one language. The customer may prefer the more expensive product since they can trust what they read in their language. One example could be renting a house for a family holiday, where you choose more costly accommodations because you can clearly understand what you are getting, as opposed to a cheaper home whose description you don’t completely understand. You don’t want to risk ruining your holidays.

The importance of language can outweigh the price asked for a given product or service.


We have only one tip for international success:

  • If you have developed a mobile app, and want it to go global to increase the number of downloads and achieve a top ranking for your platform, speak in the language of your target audience.

  • If you have created a children’s video game, and want to offer the same experience to all children, publish it in different languages.

  • If your digital solution is your corporate website, and you no longer want to be limited to your domestic market, communicate with different markets in their local languages to be more successful.

It’s important to know that each area has different terminology, whether video games, mobile apps, websites or personal blogs. To avoid taking risks, it is essential that you contact your translation agency so that a translator specializing in your area can translate your digital solution for you using the proper terminology.

With 20 years of extensive knowledge in the area of translation, we are your gateway to entering new markets.

Contact us, and we will take your business to the place you have always dreamed of.

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