Rigour, Know-how and Accurate Terminology to Leverage your Company’s Growth


At L10N, rigour and precision in financial content are ensured through accurate translation by specialized professionals, following the standards and conventions in effect in each country.

L10N's 20 years of experience help companies in the area of finance to be successful, through the translation of confidential documentation which sustains the decision-making process at institutions.

The attention to detail begins with an analysis of the content to be translated, and continues even after delivery by managing your linguistic assets (glossaries and translation memories), thereby ensuring accuracy and consistency in all of your documents.



At L10N, you can count on:


Some examples of the content we translate include:

  • Annual reports and accounts
  • Individual and consolidated financial statements
  •  Market analyses
  • Opinions of external auditors
  • Contracts and agreements in the area of finance
  • Shareholder announcements and presentations
  • Market studies
  • Banking institution assessments
  • Terms and conditions

Come discover a partner that offers you personalized linguistic services matching your needs, and makes your content visible on a worldwide scale.

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Translation solutions

An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.

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