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Legal translation projects can be complex for various reasons, including demanding terminology, challenging deadlines and even the format of the source files.

Our customers in the area of law (attorneys, law firms, corporate legal departments and consulting firms) recognize the importance of translation for legal processes and proceedings to be successful, and appreciate the speed, efficiency and confidentiality of our service.

We strive for personalized service, complete availability and flexibility, which is why we are considered an extension of our own teams.



At L10N, you can count on:


Whether involving a contract, an agreement, articles of association, a petition, a ruling or even a legal transcription of a hearing, L10N’s team of specialized linguists can satisfy your urgent translation needs.

Some examples of the content we translate include:

  • Contracts
  • Decisions
  • Brands and Patents
  • Corporate Registry Certificates
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Acquisition/Merger Agreements
  • Agreements
  • Tenders
  • Reports
  • Articles of Association
  • Rulings
  • Statements

We support your legal translation needs, ensuring rigorous, fast work and the highest degree of customer service.

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An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.

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