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                                    Rigour, Terminology Precision and Confidentiality: Safety always comes first


L10N has more than 20 years of experience in providing translation services and content for health and life sciences, with a strict commitment to quality. 

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, regulatory compliance, quality, integrity, trackability and patient safety are decisive in developing your business in international markets.

This same rigour is required in documents for these areas, regardless of the language. Your message must be precise and effective to protect patients and allow use with complete confidence by healthcare professionals.



At L10N, we offer translation services to the highest standards, and guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements of the EMA (European Medicines Agency), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other national health authorities on a worldwide scale.


The vast experience acquired in the medical and pharmaceutical areas over the past 20 years by our team of translators, reviewers and project managers guarantees a confidential, rigorous service with complete accuracy in terminology.


At L10N, you can count on:


Confidence in best certified practices – ISO 17100  

  • ‚ÄčL10N is a translation agency with ISO 17100 certification, meaning that we follow the best required practices when translating your documents, with three levels of quality assurance:
    Translation + Revision + Final Quality Assurance by three different professionals.

We can satisfy all multilingual needs, in all phases of a product’s lifecycle, from the pre-clinical to the aftermarket phases. 

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An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.

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