Multilingual SEO

                                      Did you know that localized marketing campaigns perform 42% better
                                                                       than campaigns only in English?
                                                                                             (Brandwatch, 2020)



Multilingual SEO includes all of the actions, ideas and principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and was developed based on the experience of translating and localizing websites into foreign languages.


Its goal is to improve a website’s visibility (ranking at the top of a search engine’s organic results) in the different languages in which it appears.





With L10N’s multilingual SEO service, you can count on:


The goal?


To put your company in the top search results, generate more traffic to your website andmake you stand out from the competition
to achieve international success.

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Translation solutions

An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.

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