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L10N helps companies from the industrial sector to accelerate their international growth through the translation of content in a fast, flexible and smooth process.

Technical documentation (maintenance and user manuals, technical product specifications and others) must be clear and use specific, correct terms to effectively communicate without errors in every language.


With more than 20 years of experience in translating manuals, catalogues and specifications in a wide variety of industrial sectors, L10N guarantees the accuracy and consistency of your technical documentation in every language.

With our team, your customers will have the information needed to use your products safely, in any language.


At L10N, you can count on:


We help industrial sector companies on a worldwide scale to leverage greater efficiency in structuring and managing multilingual content.
How do we do this? By creating and translating local content which is consistent, relevant and precise to leverage your business, while at the same time creating optimized experiences for the user.

Our specialists help to enhance your image and engage customers on a worldwide scale, by boosting the consistency and relevance of your multilingual content. We offer personalized service for each industrial sector: 

  • Automotive Industry

  • Environment and Energy

  • Machinery and Construction

  • Food and Beverages

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Consumer Goods

Whether translating a patent, your website, a user manual or product descriptions, you can count on our team to accelerate your international growth.

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Translation solutions

An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.

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