Terminology Management


                 Did you know that around 90% of brands with an international presence agree that consistency
                                                             is one of the secrets to winning customer trust?
                                                                                                                                (CSA, 2019)


Managing your terminology is, therefore, essential to differentiate your business and build relationships of trust with your international customers. At L10N, terminology management is done systematically, and consists of identifying, recording and translating the most specific and important terms of a business sector for each customer.


Our team ensures that just one term is used for the same concept, analyses errors automatically and controls the quality of your content to ensure streamlined, effective and consistent communication.


With L10N, you can count on an experienced team, the right technology and the know-how to consolidate your multilingual advertising and expand your brand.


Translation solutions

An efficient translation should keep the source message and be adequate to the language and culture of the target reader.

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